Happy T day to me!

Today is a milestone day.

I had my first shot of testosterone.



I haven’t blogged much in the run up to this because waiting was getting hard. And I had a weird irrational fear that it would never happen: that the psychologist at the gender clinic would turn me away, or that I’d die in some freak accident before getting this far, or that the national supply of Sustanon would suddenly dry up and I’d be unable to get my sticky hands on it.

But fortunately, none of the above happened, and I’m happy to report that the deed is done.

Hoping for more hair on those thighs soon…

I will be injecting it every 4 weeks, so my next shot will be due on March 1st. The physical changes will be slow – puberty version 2.0 isn’t much faster than the original. We’re talking months/years rather than days/weeks but at least I’m finally getting to grow up the right way this time. Bring it on!